October 11th 2018

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CONNECT2DAY is an event dedicated to the retailing and distribution industry and their players, and organized by AGENA3000. This unmissable event will prove again to be the crossroad of privileged exchanges as well as the efficient lever to durably develop your activity.

Its objectives are to nurture and enable encounters and exchanges between manufacturers and retailers (Food, DIY, specialized, and wholesale distribution) and AGENA3000 through roundtable events, practical workshops, client testimonials, and all this in a convivial, warm and high-tech ambience.

  • 1 day keynote high profile event
  • 2 plenary conferences with industry-recognized experts
  • 20 workshops
  • 400 expected participants
  • 10 testimonials sharing customers’ bests practices and benefits
Users as well as industry experts will be present for:
  • Exchanging and debates
  • Sharing skills, competences and best practices
  • Accompanying and anticipating changes
The Connect2Day program will count many key moments such as:
  • Roundtables
  • Clients’ testimonials
  • Industry experts’ advice
  • Conferences
  • Technical and practical workshops
  • Exhibitors and partners presenting their own solutions

In a world increasingly connected and focused on digital, information systems must continuously evolve in order to process an increasingly vast amount of qualitative, secure data and do so in an increasingly reducing amount of time. CPG manufacturers and retailers are at the heart of these challenges.

This is precisely why AGENA3000 organizes the Connect2Day event. In 2017, you were 300 to participate to our event. Every year, this meeting unites under one roof professionals and experts from multiple sectors, manufacturers, retailers, partners, and start-ups alike.

They can exchange and share their experience, their skills and competences, and their business issues. Connect2Day is the opportunity to exchange and the industry event to develop your network.

We propose to you about 20 content-rich workshops presented by industry based experts renowned in their fields: client testimonials, conferences, demonstrations are all on the agenda. During this eventful day, AGENA3000 will also present to you its latest innovations.

This year again, a rich program awaits you around topical issues such as blockchain technology and how the digital transformation can bring value to enterprises of all sizes.

The success of the Connect2day event depends on 2 major pillars: conferences, roundtables, workshops, experts on the main industry trends as well as a unique networking place between all retail industry players who wish to exchange, share and innovate.

I therefore invite you to Châteauform City Le Cnit, in Paris (France), the 11th of October 2018, for the 3rd edition of our Connect2Day.
Register today on all workshops of your choice by clicking.

Looking forward to meeting you and with my best regards,

Sébastien TRICHET

President AGENA 3000


Whether you use our AGENA3000 solutions or not, this Parisian event is for you.

A Varied audience: Managing Director, CFO, CIOs, Supply Chain Directors, Buying Director, Marketing Director, Logistics Directors, Director of Quality...

Varied sectors: CPG, Healthcare, Transport, Retail, Wholesale, Selective Perfumery, Fashion, Food Service, Building Trade...


Our partners have the possibility to actively participate to the Connect2Day event and to organize a workshop that will be entirely dedicated to present their own complementary solution to the AGENA3000 offering.

A unique and privileged opportunity to speak in a public of industry and retail professionals.

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  • 08:30

  • 09:15
    Welcome by Sébastien TRICHET

  • 09:30
    Roundtable retailers
    Client's item master files
    Roundtable of all the retailers' expectations.

  • Workshops - Session 1

    10H45 à 11H30
    Select the workshop you want to join in (only one choice)
  • 10:45
    Testimonial - U ENSEIGNE
    Discovery of how SYSTÈME U manages its bids and tenders for promotions
    In 2015, U ENSEIGNE requested its suppliers to manage the reception and the processing of SYSTÈME U promotions bids and tenders in a digital manner. Digital has now become a mandatory requirement to be able to participate to their commercial operations, regionally as well as nationally. In order to better understand the challenges as well as the benefits, come and discover how this works in the U ENSEIGNE side through the testimonial of Mr. Emmanuel BEAUCHAMPS, project manager for the Pre-Listing process.
  • 10:45
    Innovations - AGENA3000
    A3 ERP Roadmap
    Come and discover the A3 ERP Roadmap for 2019.
  • 10:45
    Testimonial - MAISONS DU MONDE
    Transfer A3 EDI on Cloud : Feedback by MAISONS DU MONDE
    MAISONS DU MONDE, specific retailer for furniture, decoration, lighting and garden, chose to subcontract all of its EDI flows to AGENA3000. Come to hear about their feedback, in a B2B and B2C data sharing context.
  • 10:45
    Innovations - AGENA3000
    Customer Experience : Challenges, objectives, and KPIs developed to better serve you
    In order to constantly improve customer satisfaction, AGENA3000 created a new department ""Customer Experience"", managed by Stéphane YVERNOGEAU.
    Come along and discover the challenges, the objectives and the KPIs created to better serve you and your objectives and thus ensure we focus on our relationship with a long term perspective. "

  • Workshops - Session 2

    11H45 à 12H30
    Select the workshop you want to join in (only one choice)
  • 11:45
    Innovations - AGENA3000
    Discovery of the rich capabilities of A3 PIM Industry through its library of connections
    A lot of you use A3 PIM Industry to exchange your product information and to respond to your retailers' requests. Do you know that GENFI offers you numerous possibilities and capabilities with its library of connections that we constantly enrich ?
    • - GDSN connection to exchange your product information with a lot of French and International retailers
    • - Peer-2-Peer connections enabling you to respond to the bids and tenders of retailers such as CORA or SYSTEME U
    • - Connections enabling you to receive, host and aggregate your data and product pictures as PICXYZ, KLEE STUDIO, BRANDBANK
    • - Connections to B2C websites such as ALLERGOBOX
    • - Connections with pure players e-tailers like AMAZON
    • - Connections to generate XLS files to send to food and non food retailers still requesting this data format.

    It is this depth and richness of possibilities and capabilities that we propose you to come and discover in this workshop.
  • 11:45
    Innovations - AGENA3000
    A3 EDI Roadmap
    Come and discover the A3 EDI, A3 e-Invoicing, A3 e-Procurement et A3 EAI Roadmap for 2019.
  • 11:45
    Testimonial - KALHYGE
    Observed actual benefits after implementation of the A3 PIM eProcurement at KALHYGE-
    As one of the major reference on the leasing and maintenance of hygiene textiles, KALHYGE is recognized by the quality of its offering and its innovative services in terms of hygiene. KALHYGE wanted to digitalize its entire upstream information flows and chose A3 e-Procurement.
    Come and participate to this KALHYGE testimonial, and learn of the actual observed benefits by this successful implementation done in 2018.
  • 11:45
    Testimonial - CRISTAFLOR
    Deployment A3 ERP in cloud mode : Experience feedback by CRISTAFLOR
    Creator and distributor in spectacle manufacturing since 40 years, CRISTAFLOR has migrated from GENACOD 36 to A3 ERP in cloud mode hosted. Discover their testimony !
  • 11:45
    Innovations - AGENA3000

  • 12:30

  • 14:00
    Plenary - Discover the blockchain with simple words
    Blockchain issues by Claire Balva of BLOCKCHAIN PARTNER, the French leader in support of this booming technology

  • Workshops - Session 3

    15H15 à 16H00
    Select the workshop you want to join in (only one choice)
  • 15:15
    Innovations - A3 EDI and the Blockchain
    A3 EDI and the Blockchain, let's go. Come to discover this innovation live
    Blockchain is an unparallel opportunity to rethink organizations, processes, and to open new markets. It also represents for numerous industries the risks to face new entrants coming to create disruptions in established balances in the market place. If you want to explore this in more depth, if you have projects, come and talk about them, and exchange in this workshop.
  • 15:15
    Innovations - AGENA3000
    A3 PIM Roadmap
    Come and discover the A3 PIM Industry and A3 PIM Retail Roadmap for 2019.
  • 15:15
    Testimonial - LÉA NATURE Group
    Observed benefits after the implementation of A3 e-Invoicing for this large manufacturer
    LÉA NATURE Group, a French manufacturer of organic and natural food products for health, dietetics, cosmetics and home markets trust in AGENA3000 solution, A3 e-Invoicing module, for the transmission of its invoices. Participate to LÉA NATURE'S testimony, which will show you all the benefits for this project realized in 2018.
  • 15:15
    Testimonial - TIPIAK
    TIPIAK Migration from A3 PIM Industry in license mode to the Cloud platform.
    Migration from A3 PIM Industry license mode toward the Cloud based shared platform : testimonial from TIPIAK
  • 15:15
    Topical issues - Partner
    PICXYZ and your data management

  • Workshops - Session 4

    16H15 à 17H00
    Select the workshop you want to join in (only one choice)
  • 16:15
    Topical issues - AIFE
    Update on the CHORUS deployment with the AIFE State Agency
    By 2020, all invoices to the French State by its suppliers will be digitalized, in application of legislation ""ordonnance n° 2014-697"" : a million plus companies are affected by this legal requirement. To ensure this deployment, AIFE (the French State Financial Agency for Financial IT) offers to its suppliers a portal ""CHORUS PRO"", enabling them to submit their digitalized invoices to their public sector customers, which also enables them to follow the processing steps of their invoices by the French Administration. Come and join this workshop to benefit from an implementation update of Chorus Pro by the AIFE (participation to be confirmed), and being able to obtain responses to your questions as well as being capable of anticipating this implementation of digital invoices to the public sector inside your organization.
  • 16:15
    Testimonial - ACL - CEGEDIM
  • 16:15
    Testimonial - Group BONDUELLE
    A3 TPM : Selection, implementation and observed key benefits and results by Group BONDUELLE
    A3 TPM, Trade Promotions Management software dedicated to the management of your net margins, was implements by the Group BONDUELLE internationally in 22 countries. Issues, implementation, observed benefits and results are all part of this testimonial's agenda!
  • 16:15
    Topical issues - Partner
    Come and meet SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
    Come and meet Schneider Electric, first integrator of the A3 PIM Industry & A3 PIM Retail on a global scale.
  • 16:15
    Innovations - AGENA3000
    PARANGON Data Pool

  • 17:00

  • 17:15
    Another Outlook
    From the workshop to the entreprise : The secrets of creativity of the greatest artists applied to our businesses by Grégoire JEANMONOD
    How some of the greatest painters, from Leonardo da Vinci to Andy Warhol, have succeeded to generate new ways, both very personal and singular, to paint their period? And how those new creative postures can inspire nowadays practical and concrete applications in the enterprise?

    Grégoire Jeanmonod attempts to answer those questions, both in a fun and dynamic way, to help us innovate and re-invent our businesses on a day-to-day fashion.

    After studies in Literature and History of Arts, Grégoire Jeanmonod became a journalist 15 years ago. Since then, he’s shared his time between writing articles in the Arts specialized press (« Arts Magazine », « Geo » amongst others) and the preparation of entertainment programs for television on the French TV channel France 2.

    In 2010, he published a book “10 tableaux et leur époque” (10 paintings and their era, Editions Defursen), in which he analyzed 10 major paintings of the history of Arts in the context and light of their political, philosophical, economic backgrounds that fostered their creation.

    His deep conviction is that Art is never as powerful when it resonates with a reality which albeit external, is not entirely foreign to it.

  • 18:45
    Cocktail & networking

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